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Shima Razipour

Right before summer began, I was at my cousin’s graduation lunch. What would normally feel like a wonderful celebration, was difficult for me to enjoy. I felt guilty once again, eating too much food. I had peaked at my heaviest (149).

After 11 years of struggling with weight issues due to my underactive thyroid condition, my mom suggested I pay Best Weight a visit after hearing Dr. Heidi Jays on the Iranian radio channel numerous times. I made an appointment and was instantly “sold.” I think this was primarily because Dr. Heidi Jays was not selling anything to me, rather sharing her knowledge, the products, and factual information. Although it felt like a large sum to jump into, I never feel more confident so I trusted my gut (literally) and the rest is history!

I am proud to say within 2 months of following the plan, I continued to lose weight. Now after being off of the plan for over 2 months, I’ve maintained a 127 weight!! I have more energy, confidence, and feel proud to take pictures unlike before. I am beyond grateful for Dr. Heidi Jay’s trust, commitment, and ongoing support to my weight loss.

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