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About Us

Best Weight is a wellness center that provides clients with a customized, and natural approach to healthy weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle. We determine what your “Best Weight” goal should be, and we help you get there, via a customized Diet and Supplement program. Clients will initially be provided with their own Smart Scale body scanner, which is used to generate their body composition report. A qualified healthcare professional will analyze the report, to determine, weight loss/nutritional goals, and lifestyle, and wellness goals.

A Comprehensive & Customized Approach

When ordering from Best Weight, clients will be able to place product orders online, via APP and website, by telephone, or in person at one of our weight loss clinics.

All our programs include:

  • Weekly body composition analysis, to monitor progress and ensure continued, long-term results
  • Customized, all natural supplements and vitamins
  • Well-balanced meal plan, using real/natural food
  • Personal maintenance plan once goal weight is achieved
  • Lifestyle modification and education, to help you achieve optimal health
  • Incorporation of complimentary and alternative treatments, including:  Chiropractic, Massage, and Exercise

Each patient’s program is customized, depending on patient needs, and health goals. Treatment protocols, and diagnostic tests, are determined based on the initial evaluation, medical history/conditions, and patient goals. This multi-phase, customized, individualistic approach, will aim to address all your wellness needs, give you the information, and tools you need to start your journey, and achieve long-term success.

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