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About Dr. Heidi Jays

Dr. Jays is a Doctor of Chiropractic, who has been in practice as of 2005. She has completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology, Double Combined Honors, prior to completing her Doctoral degree in Chiropractic. Dr. Heidi is one of the founders of Best Weight, and has been helping thousands of patients achieve optimal health and wellness through nutritional counseling, custom designed diet programs, and natural supplements. Her focus is to diagnose the underlying cause of weight gain, and to design a customized program for each patient to reach their optimal health via proper nutrition and supplementation. Dr. Heidi has also worked with hundreds of patients with different medical conditons such as type 2 diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Gastrointestinal symptoms, autoimmunity, and has helped reverse these conditions. Through a systematic natural approach to diet and supplementation, collaboration with the patient’s medical doctor, and proper testing and diagnosis, these patients not only lose weight, but they also have no need to take all the medications they did before. Dr. Heidi is passionate about health and wellness, and not only preaches Best Weight’s system, but she is also a practicing Best Weight client. In 2015 Dr. Heidi did Best Weight’s 8 weeks weight loss program and lost 20 lbs, and has kept it off ever since.