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Have you been suffering from Type II Diabetes, and despite taking medications, your A1C and blood sugar levels are still not under control?
Has your doctor been increasing the dosage of your diabetes medications, and adding new medications for diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol? Have you been hungry, dizzy, and gaining weight since diagnosed with Type II Diabetes? Unfortunately, this scenario is the norm when it comes to patients dealing with type II Diabetes, and it leaves patients feeling frustrated, depressed, fearful, and hopeless. The good news is that now there is an all-new natural, innovative, and integrative approach to help your body reverse Type II Diabetes, and you may be the perfect candidate for Best Weight’s Type II Diabetes reversal program.

Here is how the process works

You call our toll free number 1-844-366-6898 and set up an In office/phone consult with one of our healthcare professionals to determine if you are a candidate for the Diabetes Reversal program

If you are a candidate for the program, at your Initial Assessment, your health care professional will spend anywhere from 45 mins to 1.5 hours to go through your medical history, recent lab work, and determine what further testing needs to be done in order to diagnose the cause of your diabetes, and weight gain.


BLOOD: This is a very detailed blood lab analysis, many different markers are tested, and the goal is to determine which organs are suffering from inflammation, and not working optimally, blood sugar and A1C is checked, in addition to all the thyroid hormones, to determine if you have hypothyroidism, and if so, which of the specific thyroid hormones and or pathways is the cause. We also check to see if you have inflammation in the brain (homocysteine), which would indicate Alzheimer’s which has now been called Type 3 Diabetes, in the heart, make sure kidneys and thyroid is functioning properly, your liver enzymes (fatty liver), vitamin D (very important for your immune system, metabolism and mood, etc.

STOOL ANALYSIS:  80% of your immune system is in your gut, checks for Bacteria, parasites, and yeast, which is a huge cause of inflammation. Many people have Candidiasis, and are unaware, and suffer from many symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, confusion, depression, etc… Candida causes a lot of inflammation and makes it very hard to lose weight, there is a specific diet for Candida and Specific Supplements that must be followed in order to eliminate it, and help patients lose weight, and feel healthy again. Candidates for this test are usually people who suffer from Gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea, and or constipation, inflammation, bloating, etc…

SALIVA TESTING:  It’s a very detailed hormone check, Cortisol hormone is very important for regulating blood sugar, causes muscle loss, and stress response in your body. Based on your medical history and symptoms, your Best Weight health care professional will determine exactly which specific hormones, and pathways need to be checked. For example, many Menopausal women and Andropausal men suffer from weight gain and excess Belly fat due to increased age, and slower metabolism, despite following the same diet and activity routine. Some women may be suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS) and this will cause excessive weight gain. Stress is another precursor of weight gain and causes a surge of Cortisol hormone level in the body which will burn muscle for energy, and decrease your metabolism. Hormones responsible for weight gain are the following:


FOOD SENSITIVITY TEST: Most people have food sensitivities they don’t know of.  The most common food sensitivity most people now hear of is Gluten Sensitivity. Unfortunately, you may be suffering from food sensitivities to even healthy foods, like chicken, or eggs, or tomatoes, that you are unaware of. This can be frustrating, and you may be following a healthy diet, and exercise routine, and still cannot lose weight. If this is the case, you are most likely suffering from food sensitivities, and once we determine which foods need to be eliminated from your diet, then the weight will come off very easily.

Once the appropriate tests are done, your Best Weight healthcare professional will discuss your results with you, and design a Customized Diet/Nutrition plan just for you. This approach is customized, to your specific Lab Test Results, and is key in helping you reverse your Diabetes, decrease your blood sugar levels, and A1C levels, lose weight, eliminate toxins, and foods that your body is sensitive to, and decrease inflammation in your body.

The program can range between 2 months-6 months on Average, depending on the severity of your diabetes, the number of medications you are currently on, and how much weight you need to lose. This is a process, and individual results vary. The ultimate goal is to reverse your Type II Diabetes, get you to a healthy body weight, and accomplish a healthy lifestyle. During this process, Best Weight’s Healthcare professionals will collaborate with your Medical Doctor in order to slowly take you off of your medications. Certain lab tests and markers will be repeated to make sure your blood sugar, A1C, cholesterol etc…. are within normal levels before decreasing medication dosage, or stopping medications by your medical doctor.

Best Weight will monitor patients via In Office/Online/Phone Follow up visits on a weekly basis, depending on whether you are doing our In-Office program, on an In-Home program. We do offer an In-Home program for patients that live further from our offices.

MAINTENANCE: Once you reach your Health and Weight goals, your Best Weight Healthcare professional and you will together discuss which one of our maintenance programs is right for you. We usually recommend maintenance for at least 6 months-1 year.

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