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Roshanak R.

Dr. Heidi has been one of the best doctors that I’ve seen. I had been struggling with my weight, for well, my entire life. When I began seeing her, I was at my highest on the scale. That, however, did not keep me from being critical. I mean 20-40 pounds in eight weeks, it’s a big task. However, I lost around 43 pounds and I was very shocked. By following her diet plans, I never went hungry and I even got too full sometimes. But not only did I lose fat, but I also gained muscle; without working out. Having such fantastic results, I am currently in my second run and I’m so happy. Because of Dr. Heidi, I’m feeling and looking a lot better. I feel like a brand new person.

She is always happy to work around my hectic schedule and she even offers her phone number so that you can always be in contact for when you have questions. And even when I don’t get the results I want, she’s always offering words of encouragement. I would definitely recommend.